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Lexus RX300 hasn't been driven in a few years

My husband’s 10 year old Lexus RX300 has been parked in our garage for about 4 years. He’s recovered from a medical issue now, and wants to get his car running again. The garage never gets very hot or very cold, so the car hasn’t been exposed to extreme temperatures - probably in the 40 - 75 range. I’m assuming that we can’t just put in a battery and start the engine. Any suggestions on what steps we should take?

The fuel is bad likely. Don’t start it. Make sure it is towed to a garage and the fuel will have to get drained out. Hopefully started.

You need new tires likely beyond the obvious battery.

Lastly fluids should likely be addressed also.

the gas should be deained and fresh fuel put in the tank ,by the way i mean drain the tank ok then i would get out the owners book and see what it has to say about storing the Lexus. make sure all the fluids our topped of. my mane worry is a dry start, has the car been started at all while its been parked? . back to the dry start thing does anybody knoe=w of a way to pre lube the engine before trying to start it ? I would have all the fluids replaced once its up and running and also change all tthe filters also. i hope everthing works out ok and b4 i forget look real good for any signs of rodants to be on the safe side.

I want to agree twice with raj on his statement. Can I do that?

And you don’t need the dealer to do any of this, find a good independent shop that is willing to deal with draining the gas, you’ll likely save $$.

Thanks everyone. I use the garage for storage, so I’ve kept an eye out for rodents all these years and there aren’t any. Okay, tow, drain and replace all fluids, new tires. I hadn’t considered the dry start, that’s a very good point. I’ll check around with friends for a good mechanic. What about rubber things - hoses and spark plug wires and such. Should we have all of that replaced?

I wouldn’t do the hoses/wires right now. Those can wait (as long as there’s no obvious problem).

If it has the original timing belt, I would get that changed also.

Ed B.

If it was me being the obstinate being I am, I would do a treatment of seafoam, starting fluid if needed and keep trying till it got up and ran. Sure it is not the LOGICAL answer, but I would do it anyway. Waiting to get shot down. A new battery might be in order but I would not be afraid to jump it, once it is running, you can further assess needed parts.