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Wiring in the door jam

Has been cut. . I need to know since now these are very short and mybe 4 o5 and the main big red one which goes to the power windows is broken again do i take of the door panel and replace the wireing harness that goes into the car through the door jam to somewhere i do not know? anyone help me?

How much wire is left. In other words, is there enough that you could solder new wire into the door.

The wires run from the inside of the door…thru a rubber boot…into the body…and should be best accessable behind the panel where an E- Brake pedal would be.


It sounds like you fixed it once, but it broke again. The window going up and down may have caught on the wire and pulled them apart. Be sure to secure the wires in the door after the new repair. You can use zip ties to keep the wires secure.

You can cut a little piece of wire and take it to your local hardware store and buy it by the foot.
Most of those wires should be a pretty small gauge, but if there are one or two larger ones, you can get a heavier gauge for those.

You are not going to find the exact color matches, so just buy 1 color. Estimate how many feet you will need and be sure to give yourself plenty of wire.

There should be a boot, or rubber tube that the wires are protected by. When you open the door this boot will be visible somewhere near the hinges.

Removing the door panel & kick panel by the E-brake, you should be able to access the wires from both sides. tugging on them you might be able to locate both ends of each wire. When you find the ends of each wire mark each end with masking tape and label each wire 1,2,3,4etc…

Once all the wires are found and marked you can reach into the door panel and cut the wires close to the end where they go into that boot. At this point you can pull the end of the boot out of the door then work the wires thru the boot and pull then out at the kick panel.

Now you should have a (example)green wire tagged in the door and a green wire tagged by the foot panel and each tagged wire in the door should have a tagged mate at the kick panel.

Then take a sample of wire to the hardware store and get however many feet you need of each gauge .

Find some spots inside the door where you can anchor a few zip ties
that will hold the wires when you’re done. Put the zip ties in but leave them as a big loop for now, you can tighten them later.

Work with one wire at a time to be sure you don’t get mixed up.
Fish one end of the wire thru the zip ties… the hole inside the door where the boot was…thru the boot and out by the kick panel. Slip a piece of “heat shrink tube” over the wire and solder the splice at the kick panel to your label #1 wire, and shrink the tube.

Now you can cut the end inside the door, slip heat shrink over and solder that end to your label #1 inside the door.

Repeat the steps for the rest of your labeled wires. Once all the wires are spliced you can tighten the zip ties. Be sure to leave a little extra wire near the bottom of the door so there will be slack and the wires are not too tight. Nothing will catch them at the bottom.

A tip; try to stagger your splices so that they are not on top of each other or you will have a big bulky area where all the splices are. If there is extra wire by the kick panel, it can be strapped down to another harness with a zip tie.
Be sure to use electrical resin core solder, not plumbers acid core solder.