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Wireing in door jam

ive got broken wires in the driver door. do i have to solder them or can i use butt ends ?

Solder would be best with heat shrink tube over it. You can butt splice and maybe you’ll luck out and it’ll last a long time. I’d still shrink tube over the butt splice for extra insurance and to keep moisture out of the connection

Insulated crimp splices are the commonly accepted and used method for this type of repair. Properly installed, they’re permanent and won’t become loose or disconnected.

Be sure you properly tie and wrap the harness after the repair.

A common mis-cue here is that the wires usually break at the point where they bend the most ( naturally ) and one’s first impression is to put one splice at the break. This creates a very stiff place right where flex is needed most and THAT is a new problem in itself . Since a splice won’t flex, the wire tends to flex extemely right at the splice end breaking the wire much sooner, just like bending a wire in your fingers over and over to purposely break it

to maintain the needed flexability in that area, cut a few inches on either side of the flex area with two splices , either soldered or crimp, one on each end of a new repair length of fresh wire, away from the flexing area where the splices can remain stationary.

Like ken green mentioned above a simple solder or a butt connector are both not good methods of repair. A section of wire needs to be cut out and new wire soldered in. This is the kind of thing that if not fixed correctly you will be at it over and over again.

Some vehicles have a short, replaceable cable harness section in that area that makes it easy to fix that kind of problem. Check to see if yours is designed like that. It is a lot better way to go than splicing the wires.

I have to agree with @Cougar since I spliced my wife’s door harness on her Cutlass Ciera. It worked for a short time but the problem just came back. The real fix is to replace the wire harness.

How do you replace the wireing harness? Your rite the windows worked for a short time and guess what its 100 degress here all week long. There are fires thank god not real close but you never know if i had to throw my animals in car and head out with no air conditioner or windows down we would all be well done. I have electrical taped the broken wires and did best could on crimping department. Ware do I buy extra wireing at and match to same colors in the door?. would it b faster ir i just took it to a shop?

I know nothing of repairing a wiring harness and these wires have been cut . I makes me upset i even have to do this sort of thing. hey why not learn something new everyday huh…

ive trried the butt ends and crimper thing the one that runs the windows is busted off right at he door i cant see the other end of it because now its broken twice now and one end goes into the door one end goes into the car sided

okay so i take off door panel to see what i need? you mean that wiring harness?

these were never tied or wrapped? before i noticed this they were but now ive got wires going everywhich way broken if half and have butt end on them… i dont like this feeling at all