Wipers won't turn off

I have a 1994 Ford Probe and the wipers remained on even when I tried to turn them off or into intermittent mode for about ten minutes. They finally shut off. how can I remedy this

If the wiper control is part of the multi-function switch (turn signal stalk) you may have a bad switch or possibly have a dirty multi-function wiring harness connector. (Likely under the dash on the drivers side)

If you don’t have a wiring diagram for your car you can probably get one from your local library.

If the wipers won’t go into the ‘park’ mode you may need a new wiper motor. These are expensive so trace the wiring first. You could phone an auto recycle yard and see if they have one.

If they eventually shut off on their own, not by jiggling the switch or anything, it’s probably the park circuit in the wiper motor. The way to fix it right is with a new wiper motor, but if that’s not in this car’s repair budget, you can install a toggle switch to simply cut off power to the wipers when you don’t need them.

The way I did it on my 88 Buick that had this problem was to shave the back off of a fuse and run two wires off of the blades connected to a push button toggle with another fuse inline. I then installed it in the wiper fuse slot and put the button in a convienent hole. That way, I figured, if I ever decide to fix it right (I never did), I won’t have butchered wiring. It worked great, and even though the car has moved on, my fuse-toggle still comes in handy every now and again.

The only thing I would add is that you should make sure the wipers are not being restricted from reaching their park position. They should not be stopped by the window frame or something before they reach their lowest position.