Wipers not parking

My wipers on my 98 Civic do not reset at the bottom after being switched off. I took off the little control thingy on the wiper motor, that has the rotor with a little switch for the one point where the wipers are supposed to park. On the circuit board, I found a short along the path for input voltage, and I soldered it. I checked the joint for continuity, put it back and turned on the wipers, and they still don’t park. The wiring diagram shows that at that parking point the switch closes voltage to a wire going to the intermittent control unit. I checked to the wire in the unit that it is receiving 12v at that one discrete point. That suggests that the box is bad, but I don’t think so because you can hear the relay working in intermittent mode. Also I looked at the circuit board in this box, and see no shorts or anything wrong. The only other problem besides that box that I could think of is that in the wiring harness to the wiper motor there is a ground. It is not the ground that the lo or hi setting uses, and I can only figure it is for the “coasting to park” function, and this ground is bad. But I am not sure.

Fix the ground first then see what happens.

Other than that, the fault may lie with the motor, the multi-function switch or the multi-function switch harness connector under the dash.