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'93 F-150 Wipers - rip off?

A few weeks ago my windshield wipers started acting odd. First I lost all my intermittent speeds but high and low speeds still worked. A couple of days later I noticed that the wipers would not drop down and park like they were supposed to. Wherever the wipers were when you shut off the switch was where they stayed.

According to my mechanic the multi-switch in the column controls the intermittent function while the wiper motor itself regulates the parking action of the wipers. What must have happened (according to him) is that the switch shorted out, failed and then quickly fried the wiper motor. This requires the replacement of both parts to the tune of approx. $800.

My first thought was to tell him I had to think about it for a few days and he should stand on one foot until I called back but I reluctantly OK’ed the repair. Your thoughts?

You could have gotten a second estimate from another mechanic.

Components, such as the multi-switch and/or the wiper motor, can be tested. Guesswork (what must have happened) is not the best way to go about diagnosing a problem.

had the same thing happen on my 94 sierra ,just replaced the wiper motor and all is fine

The wiper PARK function is inside the wiper motor. A wiper motor from the salvage yard would cost $50 to $100. Only changing the wiper motor may fix all the problems. To find out, one would change the wiper motor and watch the results.
Is it too late to cancel the job order? Maybe, he hasn’t started, yet.

He has not started on the work order yet. He didn’t have the column switch in stock so he had to order it and was going to do the whole job tomorrow. Based on the responses here, I just called him to cancel the order outright. He’s going to bill me for one hour diagnostic time, annoying but justifiable.

How had is it to swap out the wiper motor? Any useful tips or should I just find a different shop?

You could get a remanufactured wiper motor, and a wiper switch (if needed), here:,15700104/shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm Scroll down to the how-to guide.