Wipers Quit

While driving my 1987 Dodge Caravan and having the wipers on intermittent they just quit. Assuming that it was the motor and not knowing how to test it with the four electrical connections I replace the wiper motor with one I had from a 1990 Caravan that was working when I took it out. I still do not have any wipers. Of course the control is in the end of the turning signal arm and when I push the end button the washer does cycle. But the wipers do not move. Any suggestions on either how to test various portions of the wiper system or what else might be the issue would be greatly appreciated


Probably the multi-function arm failing. My truck (Ford) did a similar thing. Needed to have the arm replaced for $200.

Possibly the electronic module that provides the intermittent function.

Did you check the wiper fuse?

You said the wipers quit while on the intermittent setting, but you didn’t say whether or not they still worked in the normal setting.

The motor can be tested by applying 12V directly to it. Did you try that before you replaced it?

“Assuming” is costing you time and money. Stop assuming and start testing. Figure out what works and what doesn’t, from the battery out to the wipers.

I did check the fuse and it was fine. The wipers do not work in any position. I am not sure how to test the motor as it has four blade connections via the plug and with the plug in place you can not get at the blades.

Thanks for the help.

Go out and buy a Haynes manual for this vehicle. It will have wiring diagrams and diagnostic procedures to help you answer questions and solve problems. A factory manual is best, but Haynes are pretty good for most things.