1998 Dodge Caravan "Sport" Intermittent Wiper Woes

My wifes 1998 Dodge Caravan “Sport” intermittent wipers are giving me fits. The high/low settings on the switch work but not the intermittent settings. I replaced the turnsignal/multifunction switch with a used unit. This yielded the same results. The intermittent function works only some of the time. It works if the wiper returns to the full down position after each wipe. If the wiper is not returned to this position, then it only bumps up slightly on its next wipe attempt. I have also tried swapping out the wiper relays to see if that made a difference. It did not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Do I need a new Body Control Module? Wiper Motor?


Your symptoms eliminate the multifunction switch from consideration. It’s either the position switches in the wiper transmission, the wiring to those switches, or the electronic control module. Testing and diagnosis is not too difficult and would be a better approach than throwing parts at it. Go somewhere for the testing, or get a manual and do it yourself.

I had this same trouble on our 98 T&C van. The BCM controls the delay mode and was the fault in our case. Fortunately it was under warranty when it failed. I hope that isn’t the problem here but I suspect it is.