1987 Caravan windshield wipers

Hello, I bought a good running and clean ’ 87 Caravan last year and it’s a good one. When I bought it, the speed of the windshield wipers were very slow. The delay part of the wipers didn’t work. Recently, the wipers quit working all together. I checked the fuses, they are fine. I have an ’ 89 Caravan parts van that I removed the “tested and working” wiper motor. Installed it and it’s still not working. What else am I missing here? I’m always interested in hearing your responses. Thanks in advance. John

Do you hear the wiper motor run?


No the wiper motor is not running. However when I turn the wipers on, it makes the clicking sound like the switch is good.

Maybe the contacts at the plug to the wiper motor are dirty or slightly corroded? What is the best way to clean them to make a good contact? I’m trying to eliminate all the possibilities.

There’s a wiper control module in the circuit that controls all the wper speeds. You could be looking at a problem in that area.


Make sure power to the control module is good before you replace it.

Any idea where the control module is located?