1992 Dodge B350 Van Wipers Stopped Working


I was adjusting the speed of the intermittent wipers during a rainstorm the other day and the wipers just stopped working in midstroke. I was glad I had plenty of rain-x on the windshield at the time, so I was see fine without the wipers and get home safely.

Anyway, I need to figure out what if it is the wiper motor or not. I guess one of the first tests is to see if electricity is flowing to the wiper motor? If so, can someone refresh my memory as to how to do that? I do have a digital multimeter…


Anyone? I meant to mention in my original post that I checked the fuse and it is not blown.


Glad to hear you have a meter to test with. Set your meter to measure DC volts. Then place the common probe of the meter to a good ground point on the chassis or engine. Place the other probe on the power lead to the motor and see what the voltage is when the wiper switch is ON. You should see power there. Also try placing the wiper in the continuous mode to see if that works.


OK will do. Thanks. I’ll report back the results.


One thing I did before hooking up the meter was to turn the wiper switch on and listen for the hum of the wiper motor. Turns out I coud hear it humming away even though my wipers were motionless. I then looked through the grate where the wiper arm drive assembly was.The “drag link”-like thingie between the wiper motor crank and the wiper arm assembly was disconnected at the wiper motor crank. It was a worn plastic bushing that had given out. Got a new bushing, reconnected, now after some mionor mishaps related to initially misaligned wiper arms, all is well.