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Wipers and Stereo not working

Recently my windshield wipers and stereo have started to sporadically stop working. When I try to use my wipers that usually shuts off my stereo; when they both happen to be working hitting a bump is usually enough to cut them both. They also both work 100% of the time if my engine is off and they are running on battery power alone. Any ideas?

I would try cleaning and servicing my battery terminals and lugs. If that didnt do it, I would check the fuse box for corroded contacts. After that, see if you have any leads to these parts that cross and have worn through the insulation?

It sounds like they have a common connection to power and there is a bad connection in the line somewhere.

Not sure if anyone was wondering, but the problem turned out to be in the ignition switch.

Thanks for the update. Glad you got it fixed up.