Stero install - instrument panel lights fail



Recently had a new stereo put in. Next day I noticed instrument panel lights out, and others connected to that fuse, but every time I replace the fuse it blows. Is it the stereo installer problem or go to Toyota?


This surely sounds like a problem that was created by the installer.
You can go to the Toyota dealer if you want to pay for a fix.
Personally, I would hold the installer’s feet to the fire (so to speak) until he fixes what he screwed up.


Well, I was going to have Best Buy do it – not too expensive – but then a distant relative said he could do it. Yeah, I was worried from the start and should have paid attention to my feeling. took him over 4 hours to do it.

I think I’ll go to best buy and ask them to reinstall it for the $50 they charge to do an install…i think they’ll charge the same amount.

Thanks for your advice.


Probably not, because Best Buy would have mostly likely used a wire harness adapter plug kit. This adapter gets wired to the new stereo. From there the factory stereo is unplugged and the new stereo gets plugged into the cars factory wire harness plug, no factory wiring of the vehicle is cut.

If you didn’t buy a wire adapter plug and the factory plug was cut this will make more work.

If factory plug was cut, and you still have the plug from the back of the old stereo, and there is enough wire left on the back of the plug. I would then splice it back in, and get the adapter plug, and start over.


There’s a right way and a wrong way to install a stereo properly. Sounds like your relative did it the WRONG way.

I suspect he did NOT use a wire harness kit…but instead spliced the wires to make it fit. It could cost you dearly to get this fixed properly.


I purchased the entire kit(s) from best buy – $35 – and that was used to do the install. Nothing was cut as far as i know.


There could be two kits needed, a mounting kit that integrates the stereo into the dashboard, and a wire harness kit. As far as I know these kits come as two separate kits, however I am not familiar with your vehicle so I am not sure if you need both kits.


I gave BB all the info about my vehicle and they gave me everything that their service would have needed to do the install - two kits.