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Wiper is correct but plug is not... what to do?

I have a 2002 town and Country that needs a new wiper motor, so like a lot of times I went on Ebay and found a OEM wiper motor. My tech went to install it but said the connections were different. He said mine looked like it was wired in and the other has a 4 prong plug. The Chrysler dealer said it was a aftermarket motor but will work if we can figure out the deal on the plug in. Email me and I’ll email you pics so someone might know what to do.

pic 1

pic 2

I assume you are aware that the wiper motor is controlled by the BCM and have eliminated other possible trouble out and proved the motor is really the trouble.

Looking at some data for a Dodge Caravan (which should be similair to your van) it shows the following.

Pin 1 is Brn/wht and is for one of the speeds (possibly normal speed).
Pin 2 is Brn/gry and is a switched ground connection.
Pin 3 is Brn/orn and is the other speed.
Pin 4 is Blk/wht and is ground.

If the original motor is truely the problem then you should be able to figure out which wire is for each speed on the original motor by checking the voltage going to the wires for each of the two speeds. If the wire colors I showed you don’t match your van you just need to figure out which wire is normal speed and which is fast on the original motor. The other two leads are ground and switched ground.

On the new motor hopefully ground is tied to the chassis of the motor along with one of the pins so by checking the continuity you may be able to determine the ground pin. Also remember that the other switched ground is connected to that ground when the motor is parked. Once you have the grounds figured out you should be able to tie power to the other two leads and determine which pin is normal speed and which is high speed. Then you can make your connections to the new motor.

Why Are You Going Through All This? Wrong Connector/Wiring = Wrong Part.

If the rewiring solution is not obvious to you then do the following.

[list] Get rid of the wrong replacement part. [/list]
[list] Get the correct replacement part. [/list]
[list] Install the correct part. [/list]


Thank you for the reply… the main reason that I’m skimmping on this issue is that I’m on disability income and I bought this part off of ebay which the part number cross ref. over okay, but the plug is diff. The cost on a new part is 245.00 and a reman is 125.00 and my part is 40.00. Before I was diabled I had the income and the time and knowhow to do this myself. cb

Can You Return It?

I don’t know if you have access to a salvage yard. My local yard would charge me $25 or less for that motor, possibly the whole assembly, and it would come with a guarantee to work (they put a paint mark on it). They could see what the connector looks like first, if they’re taking it off. My little yard usually has several of these vehicles and would let me take it off myself.


Yes, I have access to the salvage yard, that will be my next move to have my tech, go get one. I’m going to pull the cover again and make sure what I need. Thank you, Charlie