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Right wiper motor wrong plug... what do I do

I have a 2002 own and Country that needs a new wiper motor, so like a lot of times I went on Ebay and found a OEM wiper motor. My tech went to install it but said the connections were different. He said mine looked like it was wired in and the other has a 4 prong plug. The Chrysler dealer said it was a aftermarket motor but will work if we can figure out the deal on the plug in. Email me and I’ll email you pics so someone might know what to do.

one pic

pic 2

This is one of the reasons why you don’t purchase auto parts off of EBAY.

That aftermarket wiper motor should have also come with a wiring diagram and a plug that allowed connecting into the original wiring harness. It would appear that these weren’t included with your purchase.


Well the good news is that the seller let me keep the product and refunded my money because I can’t find anyone to help. As I say, the dealer says it will fit but the plug is different. cb