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Wiper Blades

Have a set of Bosch wiper blades that are approx. 6-8 months old. The left (driver) blade has a small line it leaves right in the middle of the windshield. The set I believe came with a cleaning packet that I have misplaced. Anybody know what the “special” packet consists of? I think it’s probably just alcohol but am not sure. I’d like to wipe down the wipers and see if that resolves the issue before replacing. Also somebody told me these Bosch wipers have a year warranty…Is this true?

If the blade leaves a small line behind it’s sweep, it probably has an irregularity in the rubber. Cleaning will not help that.

As far as cleaning goes, while alcohol will work, simply spray a bit of Windex on the corner of a paper towel (getting it wet), and then run that piece of paper towel along the edge of the blade. You’ll be surprised how much road grime and oil comes off the blade.

+1 to JoeMario’s comments.

Although regular cleaning of wiper blades is a good idea, once the blades begin leaving lines on the glass, there is most likely a small cut in the rubber, so don’t be surprised if cleaning makes little difference.

As to the warranty, even if those blades do have 1 yr coverage, you would have to prove the date of purchase by presenting a valid, dated receipt.
Do you have the receipt?
If not, you might as well forget any thoughts about a possible warranty.

Just looked on the Bosch website and they recommend changing blades every six months. Did not see anything about year warranty. These wipers are great but figured they would last a little longer as the site even says they last 40% longer.

@casper…if you change wiper blade brands don’t even think of Rain-X. They make a good product but they make horrible wiper blades. I use Trico and have for 40 years. There are other good brands out there and someone may give you a tip as to what they are.

Do you mean they leave a straight line along the entire blade or a curved line from a single problem area. If a curved line then cleaning could solve the problem.

Yes…It’s a curved line on the whole sweep in the center of the blade. That happens to be right in the sight line. I’ll try cleaning it with Windex as @JoeMario suggested. If there is a better product for this cleaning, I’m all ears.

I use Windex, or whatever’s available. It doesn’t much matter, either there’s some dirt causing the streaking, which the paper towel and Windex will remove, or the wiper blade is damaged, which can’t be fixed (and isn’t Bosch’s fault, something on your windshield nicked the blade, it happens).

Just replace them and be happy you don’t have to pay $35 each like I do. Blades can wear out in a very short time depending on weather conditions.

The Bosch blades are the best I have tried. I get about 9 months out of them. I’m a real pain in the a## about a streak free windshield. The RainX lasted only 4 months and then started squeaking when switching direction. Tried the Trico and they did not last but a few months.

Next time, try household ammonia for cleaning the blades and windshield. You can dilute it if you want but it is far more effective than isopropyl (which can be as much as 30% water).


These wipers are great but figured they would last a little longer as the site even says they last 40% longer.

Any time you see such a claim, ask “40% longer than what?

For all you know, they’re claiming it lasts 40% longer than milk left out in the hot sun.

Trico blades used to be very good until they moved production to Mexico and now they seem to get hard in a few months.

My experience with made in USA new vehicle (OEM) wipers was about 12 Months maximum service life. My last new US manufactured vehicle was a 1991 Jeep Cherokee. The OEM wipers worked OK but from past experience I replaced them with TRICOs and kept the originals onboard as emergency spares. I have since purchased three new vehicles, two which were manufactured outside of the US. The wipers on my 1996 Mazda Miata were still perfect when I sold it at three years/25,000 miles. My next car was a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse which was built in USA. I replaced it’s wipers about every two years. My current vehicle is a 2010 KIA Forte SX. I have reached 3 1/2 years 27,000 miles and the wipers are like new. Have the Asians discovered a superior wiper blade compound and are not sharing it with us? On the other hand are US auto manufacturers clinging to “planned obsolescence” and giving us crap that wears out prematurely?

I have to say that I agree with sgtrock.
When I have used the OEM blades for my Subarus, they seem to last for at least 2 years before their performance deteriorates. If I use Trico or other non-OEM blades, they are essentially shot w/in 5 or 6 months.

I think it depends on where you life. Here in the North East…I MIGHT be able to get 5 months on a set of wiper blades. We get a fair amount of rain and snow so we’re constantly using our wipers.

Your wipers are 6-8 months old. Forget about applying anything other than cash.
It’s time to change your wipers.

The old rule of thumb is to replace wiper blades every 6 months.

I change mine twice a year and don’t look back

I agree that the Rain-X wipers are only mediocre. You’re paying a lot for the name, and they don’t really deliver.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Bosch blades, but they tend to be pricey

Anco blades clean very well, but they tend to literally break apart if left on too long

I’ve had the best luck with factory blades. They cost more, but they had good performance and never broke apart, at least not within a few months, like the Ancos

Try the cheaper line of Michelins from Walmart. I’ve had good luck with them.

A Ford deslership in town has “free wiper Wednesdays.” One if these days I oughtta see what they do if I pull up in my 20y.o. pickup.