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Why can't I get decent new wipers for my 2013 VW Jetta?

Due to a little streaking, I replaced the driver’s side wiper blade several weeks ago with a Rain-X Latitude blade. It smeared when using and left a film, and the rain beaded up on that side when not in use. So I replaced it with a Duralast blade (DLT-24) and it’s the exact same problem. When I got into my car on this rainy morning, before I turned anything on or even tried the wipers, I saw that the driver’s side was slightly filmy and full of beady raindrops while the passenger side was perfect - the rain slid right off, no fog or beading. I could clearly see the arc where the blade wipes the windshield, and that is exactly where the film and rain beads are.
I can’t tell what kind of wiper blade is on the passenger side, maybe it’s an especially good blade, but the new ones on the driver’s side were both pretty bad, so I don’t think it’s because they weren’t some kind of special blade.

Have you cleaned the windshield really good ? There is not a lot of difference between blades so maybe cleaning them also will solve this problem. Take a rag soaked in warm dish water soap and wipe the blades down.


That definitely can make a huge difference.

This is where I disagree.
After buying several cheaper brands of wiper blades, I finally settled on Bosch Icon blades.
They are more expensive, but they are superior to all of the other brands that I have tried.


Clean your windshield with windex and then with rubbing alcohol. You will get a lot of grunge off and the wipers will work much better. When I clean my windshield I also take a paper towel with windex on it and run it along the wiper blade.

I’ve had good luck with the Bosch and with Michelin blades, but you’ll have to get off the film left by the Rain-X blades if they’re the ‘2 in 1’ type.


Actually, I get my blades from the dealers now. Original equipment. Yeah the Pontiac blades cost me about $30 but they last a long time and are a perfect fit. The Acura blades are no more than $12 but some assembly is required. I’d suggest a thorough cleaning of the windshield to get the scum and the RainX off and then trying OEM.

Here’s another vote for cleaning the windshield with isopropyl alcohol. Be careful not to get it on anything but the glass itself.

Our last few cars have done well with the OEM blades and inserts, so perhaps you should stop by your dealer and give those a shot, even if the blades cost more than the aftermarket ones.

Why not just replace the wiper blade inserts with the OEM. I found that aftermarket blades are either too long or too short and don’t have the right pressure to do a proper job.I get my refills from my Toyota dealer and they last a lot longer than complete aftermarket blades.

I have not found that to be a problem even on vehicles I have had with different length blades on each side. Not all dealers want to carry refills. I get mine from Advance Auto and they usually put them on for me . The last ones were Trico worked just fine.

The last time I used refill blades I managed to cut my finger really good so that is not going to happen again.

Rainex and Rainex wiper blades are designed to put wax on the windshield, It is supposed to bead up. You can drive in most rains without using the wipers once the water starts beading up and rolling up the windshield.

A lot of people don’t get the hang of looking through the drops rather than at them. I always carried a bottle in my bag when driving a truck because no matter what happened with the wipers, I could finish the trip.

When using the wioers there is a haze that forms right behind the blade.

I don’t use Rainex on my car, but I do have a bottle in my trunk just in case. You can get Rainex off with alcohol.

I have Bosck Icon’s on my car and they still work great after 3 tears.

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