Wiper blades

I am considering either Bosch or RainX replacement blades for my 07Dodge Caravan SXT

Are these ‘constant pressure’ type of blades worth the extra cost?

By the time you find a set that works… That’s the pessimistic view. I wonder just how bad the last set of blades performed. If they did well, I guess you wouldn’t be looking at alternatives. My blades are easy, I have a pickup and can get away with winter blades.

I have found (in my experience) that expensive blades are just profit centers for wiper manufacturers. Standard winter blades for my car are $7 each and work great. The parts store tried to sell me fancy blades for $21 each. I can buy three sets of regular winter blades for that much money and each set of winter blades takes me through two winters (I switch to standard blades in the spring). If you buy the expensive blades then perhaps your next step is to buy $25 spark plugs and a “vornado” to improve your fuel mileage. Both will enhance your driving experience about as much as expensive wiper blades.

I have not tried the RainX blades, but I do use the Bosch Icons and They have performed very well and lasted twice as long as most. I usually have to replace blades twice a year to get top performance and the Bosch lasted over a year. They also have far fewer problems in snow.

I’ve never had any complaints in either rain or snow with name brand (ANCO, TRICO, etc) that I have purchased at either an auto parts store or at Wal-Mart. I’ve never used special winter blades and we do have snow. The regular wiper blades have always been adequate for me.

IMHO replacing blades twice per year(fall/spring) with inexpensive ones is best way to go and likely cheaper than buying the upgraded models.

New cheap blades work better than aged pricier blades.

I have yet to get more than two solid seasons of use out of a set of replacement windshield wipers, and I have tried everything from the cheapest to the most expensive I could find.