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Windshield Wiper Blades

I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic. I replaced the blades a couple years ago, after the previous ones simply moved the water around instead of getting it out of my line of vision when it rains. My husband hated these blades from the get-go (too noisy, they streak), and now I find it does the same thing as the previous wipers, just move water around.

So I wonder, if it is the brand we bought (Rain-X), something wrong with the wipers themselves, or just time to get new blades?

Don’t expect them to last much more than a year, maybe two. I use Anco, Trico, or Bosch, I didn’t have good luck with Rain-x. It’s just time for new ones, regardless.

I too find the Rain-X brand to be lacking in quality. They make a great product to apply to windshields but their wiper blades are still in the development phase. I have used Trico all my life with no problems. I will tell you though that a lot of drivers overlook the “wiper arms” when it comes to problems. When they get weak it’s impossible for the best wiper blade in the world to do a good job.

Replace the blades. I replace the wiper blades at least once a year. The ANCO blades available at WalMart work fine for me and the cost is around $10. It takes less than 10 minutes to install the blades. This is a very low price for a safety item.

I believe you need to change the blades more often. I change 2 times a year, mid fall I install Anco winter blades and spring I go back to a normal name brand blade.

What ever happened to blade re-fills?? Why do you have to buy a whole new blade?

If you got two years out of a set of wipers, you certainly can’t complain. Mine usually last six months or so.

Caddyman, I Have A Local Independent Auto Parts Store (Small Jerk-Water Town) That Stocks All The Inserts And Believe Me There Are A Lot Of Them ! They Cost Less Than Half The Price Of Blades.

I have big honk’n blades on my Caravan and they’ve got the inserts for those, too.

However, our wood floor hardware stores actually still stock buggy-whip brackets !