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Wiper Blades

Ya know I am wiper impaired, 3 months they work fine, 15 months later I replace them, I have tried many brands, and the last ones have tried the book gave me 20" instead of 22" next time I’ll get 22" but still dealing with smurry windshield, thinking bad glass. It was a replacement windshield when I bought it used, first wiper no clean I ever recall, but have done alcohol wipe. polish, rainex etc but it still is bad.

Today I put on a set of Motorcraft Flexible beam blades ( WW-2201-PF ) to see if they’re better for winter. I’m tired of the hinges freezing up on the regular blades and I think the flex blades should remain flexible in snow and ice…we’ll see.

Are both sides the same size? If so, if they’re cleaning well other than the small line, you could switch the refills and get more life out of the set.