Winterizing with new hoses

I am going to have my friend install 4 new hoses on my 12 year old ford escort 1.9 liter. He is going to replace the old spongy Upper and lower radiator hose and two heater hoses. My question is, while he’s at it, should I have him replace the old spring clips with new clamps? And if so, which style clamps are best for this application? Thank you, J.H.

Yes. I like the worm gear clamps myself, but I never had either style fail. It can be his choice.

I agree that he should replace the clamps too. The advantage to spring clamps is that you can’t overtighten. Worm gear clamps, while I’ve alway liked them, are easy to overtighten, so you need to use prudence in putting them on.

I’ve seen other clamp styles, but none other than I’ve liked.

I certainly won’t hurt much to replace the clamps. People tend to like the worm-gear clamps better, but I have been told that the OE type is more reliable.

Frankly I am partial towards the spring clips now that I have the right tool to remove them.

I would replace them with worm clamps. They provide equal pressure and easier to get off again. Just have to make sure not to over-tighten on plastic radiator fittings.