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Winsstar 2003 engine shuts off

2003 windstar 55,000 miles. recently driving city speeds engine miss fired. felt at first like a rough road surface. repeated within a block and noticed warning lights on dash flashing off and on. But continued to run. moments later tac started to read from 0 to operating speed of maybe 2000. Then it shut off. I got it off the road. It restarted imideatly,drove it home 4/5m blocks no trouble. Had towed to ford dealership. They could find nothin, no codes. BEen working fine for a few days now. No problems.

Question is obivious anyone have an idea as to the problem? I’m not about to take it out on a four lane highway for fear the engin will shut down at high speed. Thanks in advance for the feed back


The same thing happened to my sister-in-law’s Windstar. The trouble turned out to be the alternator. This may or may not be your problem also.

Fuel starvation? fuel filter, pump?