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2003 Ford Windstar - Stops in 200 meters

My car would start, drive for less than 200 meters and stop. It would then be raising without moving, and i have to switch off.
After a few minutes, it will start again, move for less than 200 metres and stop again. Hence, i only use it for urgent needs if my other car is due for repairs/maintenance.
Yesterday, i needed to use it again; however, it did not even move at all, but was just raising. What is the problem and the solution?

I assume by raising you mean that the vehicle stops and the engine rpms rise with no reaction from the transmission. If so, check your transmission fluid after you let it idle until fan turns on. Check it with engine running. If level is good, it needs to be towed to a transmission shop.

I think the poster is talking about the car raising up against the springs because of brakes locking up.

I could speculate about the various causes for that but it would be useless unless you are going to fix it yourself. Just take it to your mechanic and let him drive it.

windstars had a bad cracked rear axle issue. i dont think it fixes itself? does it affect ride height? van can go 200 meters? and stop and rest. and repeat? whew. what if you have to go 4 miles?

In some cars, if the engine control computer does not receive an oil pressure signal, the fuel pump shuts off. The small amount of fuel that is pumped when the key is turned from Off to Run is enough to start the engine, but it is burned up quickly. Maybe the oil pressure sender or its wiring to the computer should be checked.