2003 Ford Windstar - Engine Block Light


We got our Windstar in Oct 2003. There were 17k mi on it when we picked it up. It has been acting up since about May, mostly when driving up light grades to steep hills. The first couple months it was just acting like it was missing. (For those that remember, years ago when your carb. would act up and you’d floor it and blow out the black smoke and it would run fine after that). July was the first time the engine block light came on & we were driving to Pgh. We have replaced all spark plugs and the fuel filter. It appeared to be doing better, but is now doing it again. There are 77k miles on it. Any suggestions. I thought maybe air sensor or fuel pump. What do you think?


When you refer to the “Engine Block Light”, I have to assume that you are referring to what is usually known as the Check Engine Light (CEL). From your posting, I also have to assume that you are trying to tell us that the light is still illuminated, or at least that you see it illuminated on a fairly regular basis.

If both of my assumptions are correct, then you need to have the vehicle’s OBD system scanned for trouble codes stored in the system’s memory. There are innumerable possibilities, and unless you want to just keep “throwing parts at it” until you hit the right problem area, you need to get a firm idea of where the problem lies.

A scan for stored trouble codes will quickly narrow down the possibilities, and the scan will be done free-of-charge at places like Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts.


Hi. I forgot to mention that we did have it tested at Auto Zone prior and they found that 3 cylinders were mis-firing. Replaced all spark plugs and fuel filter. This started again, and yes today had it tested again. Only one bad cylinder this time. The Ford garage for whatever reason, replaced only 1/2 the coil 2 years ago when we had this problem before. I never questioned it, but you know hind-sight…the guy at Auto Zone said it could very well be the coil again. Are Windstars known for these problems? This van has been nothing but a lemon. Our 95 Aerostar provided us with 155k miles and we only had to replace the brakes (although several x)