2001 Windstar stalls occasionally when backing up or starting from a stop, any ideas?


My Windstar has been stalling and won’t restart for about 1 hour after dying, but then starts and runs fine. If I keep trying to restart and don’t leave it alone, it has popped the fuse for the fuel pump. I had several mechanics look and no one can tell me what is wrong. The fuel filter was changed, and a fried relay. Is this possibly an electrical issue-car has had other quirky electrical issues??


Fried relay> There must have been a short to cause that.

One other thing: has this fuel tank been used to the point it ran empty or nearly empty?

In-tank fuel pumps require enough fuel in the tank to cover the pump to enable it to run cool.

(For the other posters)
I am aware some tanks are designed to keep the pump covered and still have 1/4 or 1/8 tank of fuel.


I have never completely run out but have gotten low on gas. I brought it to a Ford Dealer and now they say it needs a new starter to even diagnose the other issue. I really don’t think the starter has a problem, but I don’t know…


Perhaps that really was the cause of non-diagnosis. They simply LOOKED at it. The problem needs to be checked with an electrical multimeter and the wiring diagram. I think the wiring is shorted, blowing the fuse and causing the fuel cutout. To learn more about electrical fuel pumps, and testing, inspecting them, go to: www.carterfueldelivery.com/fuelpumps