Car cuts off

I recently bought a 2003 Ford Windstar SEL with 38000 miles. About a month after buying the car it started cutting off on me. It has happened at all speeds from 25 to 65 mph. There is no warning, no engine roughness, no indication of any problem and no check engine light either before or after the shutoff. Once the car is stopped, given no more than 1 minute of rest, it starts normally and runds normally again. Its been in the shop twice now, the first time they replaced the idle air control valve, the second time the found some water in the PCM, dried it and resealed it. When They road tested it and when I picked it up it cut off on the way home. Now going back to shop for the 3rd time. Does anyone have any ideas about this.

[b]From the way you describe the problem, I would focus on the Crankshaft Position Sensor and the ignition module.

Either of these components, if faulty, can cause the problem you decribe.