Windshield wiper problems

What causes the windshield to come on when they are off?

2 options come to mind, first is wiper control is not all the way off, second is a bad switch in the column, there are some cars that sense when the wipers need to go, is your car one of those?

Coach Tim, Please Tell Us Something About The Vehicle.

What is the year, make and model? How often does it do this? Do They stay on or just wipe a few times and go off?

Hey Coach, We Haven’t Heard From You!

Does everything else work? I hate to rain on your parade, but I have see a faulty BCM (Body Control Module) put phantoms in one’s automobile.


How About Column Wiring, Too?

If is’s a mid-90’s and up GM product the intermittent module (I think it’s called “pulse module”)could cause this, but they are known more for a inop condition. GM liked to call this unintended wipe “phantom wipe”.

Coach not every car is the same. You may not answer back, only read the responses to your question but when you are asking for car advice it is best to include make and model and year info. Its just a few more keystrokes.