Windshield wipers go on by themselves

I have a 97 dodge caravan, 3.0 L and my windshield wipers go on by themselves, even when the car is not running. They usually go back and forth a few times then stop, but sometimes it contiues for a minute or two. The manufacture said they had some recalls because of this problem but not for the 97 model. Any suggestions?

It is likely a problem with the BCM (body control module). Try resetting it: In the power distribution center under the hood, locate the IOD fuse. The legend on the cover will show which one this is. Remove the fuse, wait 10 minutes, and put it back. Note: you’ll lose your radio presets.

On GM there was a seperate moudule (had a odd name,that eludes me) this module contained the electronics that provided variable speeds for the wipers. Most of the time they failed completly but the unintended wiper operation happened so often tha GM gave the concern a name it was “phantom wipe” Module wasnt so expensive not so hard to change. Maybe your problem is in Chryslers corresponding module