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1998 Dodge Caravan Ghost or Phantom Wipers, a/c heater fan problems

Howdy everyone. I’ve had problems with “phantom” or “ghost” wipers on my 1998 Dodge Caravan for the last few years. They come on at random, whether the switch is engaged or not, and stay on for random times, sometimes continuously. No manipulation in the multifunction switch changes the operation. They just come on and go off as they please. Furthermore, the climate control blower will often act up, not coming on right away, sometimes taking several minutes of driving before it starts blowing. I’ve also noticed a very occasional problem with the instrument panel not functioning and then later starting to work again. I’ve seen a lot about the BCM being the problem, but it would seem like if the BCM was malfunctioning it wouldn’t ever work right. This FEELS like a grounding or wiring damage issue. Can anybody help? Thanks!

The voltage signal from the multifunction switch to the BCM should be zero volts with the wiper switch off. With a scan tool you will see an improper voltage signal (0.8-1.2 volts), replace the multifunction switch.

The BCM drives the instrument cluster gauges and warning lights, These BCMs have been known to go dead, you may try to find a used one. Be aware that the odometer value is stored in the BCM.

Give the blower motor a tap when it fails to work, if it starts working replace the blower motor.

Nevada sounds right…check the power supply @ the connector by the blower…look for a melted large gauge wire in a 3 or 4 pin connector

The most common cause of the phantom wiper problem is the multifunction switch.

Do you have the standard manual HVAC system or automatic climate control?

I think you have few separate electrical problems. The instrument cluster is a known problem with its soldering points. Google it or check the allpar website and you will find instructions.

Forgot to mention that the Multifunction switch was replaced with no effect. That’s pretty common as I read other forums. It’s not the switch. I did see some comments about the soldering issue on the instrument cluster so I’ve started into that fix, which does appear to be separate from the wiper problem. With the cluster removed, I still have phantom wipers - all I have to do is turn the key on and they start running and won’t stop. It honestly feels like a ground or bad wire issue. Still looking for help… Thanks!

My post on the DodgeTalk forum got some great help - TSB and wiring diagram.

@Zeek: Where is the TSB you referenced above? Did you get the issue resolved?

I had the same exact problem with the wipers in my 98 T&C van when it was fairly new. The BCM had to be replaced. Fortunately it was done under warranty.