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Windshield Washer Pump

Missed the whole story last week but my 2000 Mercury Mountaineer WS washer pump stopped working after I ran it dry and it the switch a couple more times. Also, related? a small hose with a rubber boot on the end was hanging loose. Looks like a vacuum line?? Thanks

Are you asking if activating the washer pump when the tank is empty will damage the pump,the answer is no.

Now running the pump for extended periods of time on a empty bottle certainly is not a environment the pump is designed for.

I’m going to assume you added more water to the tank and it still won’t pump. The hanging hose might very well be the water hose that goes from the water tank to the pump, or the one from the pump to the hood of the car where the water squirts out. Try looking there and tracing the hoses to see if they’re all connected. Let us know what you find.