Windshield Chips

My Mom has a chip in her windshield right in her line of Sight when driving. She took it to someone that fixes windshields but they didn’t completely get rid of it. Someone else told her to put clear nail polish on it. Do you think that is an option rather than having to replace the whole windshield? The car is a white 1992 Camry with 50,000 miles.


Give it a week and she won’t even notice it anymore. The sub conscious will completely ignore it soon as she continues to view the road ahead and not the windshield.

The glass repair place did as good as it gets so if it bothers her in a month then consider replacement.

When I get a bug splat right in the line of sight, it’s mere minutes till I don’e even notice anymore. The same will be true with the repair spot.

Don’t pay any more money for windshield repairs. If it’s too objectionable, replace the windshield. Windshield installations are reasonably priced.

Check with the insurance company. I’ve heard that sometimes they will pay to have the spot-repair done rather than risk that the chip spreads, becoming a crack, and they have to pay for replacing the whole windshiled (less the deductible on your comprensive).

(This is on my own to-do list for a couple of tiny chips I just noticed.)

A good fix is actually BETTER then replacing a windshield. If it can be fixed you should ALWAYS get it fixed.

You’ll never get rid of it visually. The polymers used won’t create a smooth and even enough surface to make it invisible. But it will make it strong enough so the chip doesn’t spread. In most states if the chip is in the drivers view you can’t get it fixed - replace only.

How’s mom’s vision? Older people who have difficulty focusing on things in the distance are more inclined to be distracted by something closer up, like a windshield chip, that they CAN focus on. I speak from experience.

I don’t know about your state, but most states make insurance companies fix or replace the windshield with zero deductible. Call your mother’s insurance company and get their opinion about what to do next. They have an interest in making sure your mother has an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Hopefully she’ll get used to it and then ignore it. She doesn’t have comprehensive anymore since it’s a 20 year old car.

She may not need comprehensive coverage for windshield coverage. I think in Florida you have this coverage even after you drop comprehensive coverage.

My insurance company has always left it up to me if I want to try the chip repair or just replace the windshield. I’ve always just replaced the windshield. If its in the line of sight, it should just be replaced. Chip repair can be OK but not in the line of sight. You’d be amazed at how much sand blasting there is on a windshield that old and can make quite a difference when driving in the sun or at night. Just replace it but check with your insurance first.

Here in NH you need special glass coverage. Comprehensive does NOT cover glass. Each state is different.

Chip repair can be OK but not in the line of sight.

Here in NH and other states it MUST be replaced if in line of sight. That’s state law.

My insurance (Allstate) will replace or repair a windshield with no deductible. Your mother should definitely call her insurance company to see if it is covered.

Check with your insurer. You may have comprehensive with glass coverage. The last time this happened to me, my insurer paid for all but $50. The repair shop said that if I bring it in, instead of replacing the windshield in my driveway, they would waive the $50 payment.