I have heard of a process where rock pits/chips can be repaired precluding windshield replacement.Has anyone had any experience with this.Is it a permanent fix or just temporary?


If you catch it right away, and have it done, it’s usually permanent.



I’ve had numerous chips and cracks repaired on many vehicles. It’s still visible, but often less obvious. The guy who does our repiars at my shop, guarantess them for life not to spread. In the past 4 years, none of them have. I’m also in NC where we don’t get significant temp flucuations. Of course I say that as it was 60 degrees today and I just looked out my window and see a blanket of snow!!!


I have a similar “star chip”. I was told that the repair should be done right away before it get contaminated! well I have this crack for few months now. It is at the far corner, and really wouldn’t affect driving. I think these cracks tend to spread during hot weather. It cost $30-60 to repair.


I’ve had numerous chips repaired in a number of different vehicles. All of them were repaired by insurance, and none of them spread, even a few years afterwards.


Yup…had it done a few times…and even did it myself a couple times. If you don’t have glass insurance then do it yourself. Many autoparts stores sell the kits. It’s pretty easy to do, just follow the directions.


I’ve only had one repaired by a service and the results were excellent. The chip, which had started to propogate as a crack, became invisable and never reappeared.

You can buy a kit to do this yourself. The pros apply localized heat to open the area and get the epoxy to “wet” into the crack. I’ve not tried that, but if I did I’d do it with caution.


There’s an $8 kit at Walmart that does it. I fixed a tiny “star” with it within a day…can’t see star anymore.


I drive tour bus in my old age now. the front windows cost $1000.00 and over the road we get alot on stones . we call the glass man he drills a small hole into center of the crack put on a vacccum nevice then injects a clear glue into hole 30 minutes and I,am off again. we can do this time and time again and save alot of money. we only need to replace the front windows when a 200 pound deer go,s through it.


Really. I would rather do it myself than pay someone a bunch of money to do it. I think here they run about $25-30. Thanks for the heads up. And I’m a girl.


have you called your insurance co? if you have good coverage you should be able to get it replaced for free! i know here in Mass. it is a freebie. mass law feels that a good ‘view’ is worth the safety investment and it is covered. call the insurance co to find out. you may be surprised.