Tiny chip in windshield became 8 ins. long after fix

Hi-my first time here-a slight chip in the windshield was reported to my Ins Co.- Free repair was very easy to schedule-professional etc…The problem is, the chip could be covered by a dime, the linear defect that occurred during the repair cannot be covered by a dollar bill. The company said they gurantee brake tag and lease inspection review, but if the windshield does not pass inspection, then I get to pay for a new one anyway.

Did I mess up? Or did they mess up? The tech said the epoxy went into the entire line, but I can really see this line, and I could not see anything before. The chip was at least one month old, perhaps older, a passenger had to point it out to me (it is on the passenger side). Otherwise, I would have never seen it.

Should I have expected this further, and even more gross damage? The rest of my vehicle is perfect so I cringe at paying 500.00 for a new windshield. Thank you-D

I would cringe at paying $500 for a new windshield also. Fortunately, any PPG shop can install a new one on most cars for a fraction of that price. And many insurance providers will pay for it 100%

Call your insurance, tell them the repair is unsatisfactory, and ask them for a replacement windshield. Post back with their answer.

Windshield prices vary greatly from shop to shop…Shop around and don’t be afraid to haggle a little. Explain you will be paying CASH. Wait until Spring. Winter driving is high-risk for windshields…

Problem is my Ins deductible is $500.00. I might try the “repair is unsatisfactory” route though, that is worth a try-thanks!

The difference between the price charged at glass shops to cash-paying customers and the price charged to insurance companies can be really substantial.

However, as mountainbike points out, it is very possible that your insurance company will pay for the windshield replacement. This is certainly worth discussing with a rep from the insurance company.

Thank you for that advice! My instinct is telling me this is not going to pass the brake tag inspection due in April. That will be just in time for Spring. :smiley:

Any experience with The Hartford?

“Tiny chip in windshield became 8 ins. long after fix”

“Fix” is probably not the best word then.

You can get a new windshield installed on site for $125-$200 for virtually any car. They come to you and guarantee leak free for life.

Chip repair only works when it is done RIGHT AWAY. You can’t unbreak a window - it’s just a repair to prevent spidering cracks from seeding in every direction. The crack probably did expand a little from the polymer entering the crack, but that doesn’t mean the repair tech broke it. I mean, hey, it was already broken.

Windshield repairs and replacement are usually exempt from applying to your deductible. It might depend on your insurance company or the state in which you reside, so check with your insurance company. Your deductible probably won’t apply to this.

Check with your insurance agent and find out if your $500 is for glass, most comprehensive policies cover glass in full. If not, call around for prices, I would be shocked if you had to pay $500. When I asked my glass company manager why it was so much cheaper for me to buy a windshield than for my insurance co., he said " because I don’t have to buy you hockey tickets." .

I agree that most Insurance companies cover windshields fully, unless you have limited deductible comprehensive policy.

Each insurance/state has their own coverage on this. Some states windshields are covered under comprehensive…in other states it requires a separate glass rider (EVEN WITH THE SAME INSURANCE COMPANY).

I’ve had this type of repair done twice…and I actually did it myself once. The shop I took it to said that doing the repair MAY cause the windshield to crack. They’ll use every precaution so it doesn’t happen…but if it does then a new windshield would have to be installed, paid for by me or the insurance company.