Windshield repair

Thanks for any suggestions. Any ideas what would be a good windshield repair kit for a 2004 Ford Escape with the glass Car Light Color Tint?

Repair kit ??
What are you doing ?
Installing a new windshield ?
Repairing a chip ?

When we install widshields the installation kit comes from the automotive specialty paint supply jobber.

To repair a chip just go to the glass shop, 15 minutes with the people who know what they’re doing.

I don’t consider windshield repair a DIY job. After all, most states mandate your insurance company must repair your windshield with zero deductible. Call your insurance company and ask them to send someone out. It shouldn’t cost you a penny.

I second the “no DIY repair”. The biggest reason is that the windshield must be properly installed so that the airbag system will work as designed to cushion you in a crash. You don’t want the airbag to go off and blow out the windshield.

Thanks for the help. We had heard they had kits to just repair a small chip and wondered which were good. Is a chip ok for DYI?

My 93 Caprice’s windshield got chipped while I was in Wash DC on business. I called Safelite, they came out to the hotel and repaired the chip in the parking lot for ~$70. The chip is unnoticeable from the outside and barely visible inside the car. Considering the price of a new windshield, the repair was a bargain. It’s been over 5 years and the repair is holding up fine.

Ed B.

I would price out the professional also. I had it performed for less than $50. The person actually found two problems and still did both for same price. However I think my wife helped that along as she has a knack for getting more than we bargained for when repair or service people show up.

Like I said, I don’t consider windshield repair a DIY job, even a small chip. Get it done right.

In this small town, I popped over to the glass shop one block from my work…$30.00 chip fix.

A chip could be DIY, yes, but it’s one of those type jobs that you’ll soon find is actually ten times less fuss to just go to the glass shop…BAM ! done !

ergo, I’ve never shopped for repair kits, don’t know brands or reputations ( to answer one of your original questions ) and I’m an automotive parts guy 35 years now.

Loctite does make a DIY chip repair for “bullseye” type chips, sells for about $12. But I would go with the others and have it done by a pro.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we had better go to the shop then. Some of you seem to have got good prices so we can ask around I guess.

Why worry about the price? Why not let your insurance company handle it for free?

I thought insurance co. would handle it too, but my cousins are the one who asked me write in as they knew I liked the help on this site. I tell them to check w/ the insurance co.

In New Jersey windshield repair falls under Comprehensive coverage. When my 95 Dakota windshield was chipped, the insurance company gave me two choices. No deductible to have the chip repaired or pay the deductible to have the windshield replaced if the chip repair didn’t hold.

Ed B.