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A simple question for simple minds. What’s the difference between a sun roof and a moon roof? Does the former only work in daylight while the later only function at night.

I think that “moonroof” is a Ford invented name.

Yes, you’ve got it. One is for letting in sunlight and the other is for letting in moonlight.

There’s no clear definition. The terms are used interchangably.

Generally, I consider one that opens to be a sunroof and one that does not to be a moonroof. Others will surely disagree.

Yes, Ford/Lincoln/Mercury “moonroofs” both tilt up and slide open.

I’ve always refered to a sunroof as being a glass panel on the roof that was opened manually and operated with a hinge so the glass could be tilted to allow ventilation. Or the glass panel could be removed leaving the opening. And a moonroof as a glass/metal panel that was operated by an electric motor that slid back under the rear section of the roof.


Why do you lable people responding to your question as having “simple minds”?

My Accord has a moonroof that both lifts up and slides to open. It’s just whatever the manufacturer wants to call it.

Yeh, I wondered about that myself.

I reckon that’s why I didn’t respond.

Different words evoke different feelings by people. It’s marketers trying to get into peoples wallets by getting into thier heads. A different word can make something simple seem romantic or intelligent thus people will more likely buy the product.

A simple question for simple minds…I assume you meant an easy question to be easily answered.