Sunroof or Moonroof, that is the question?

Just wondering, what is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? I just bought a 2006 Honda Civc EX Coupe and it has a moonroof. Does anyone know? Thanks.

The spelling.

Yep, they mean the same thing now. One possible difference is that moonroof might refer to one that is glass instead of metal. But that’s just a guess.

The name was changed from Sun Roof to Moon Roof when people found out how badly the sun roof leaked. Andy Williams sang “Moon River” not “Sun River”.

No, the difference is that a sunroof is clear glass, where a moon roof is smoked.

um, I guess a sunroof can also be metal, but a moonroof is always smoked glass.

I believe “chaissos” is correct.

Originally, a sunroof was non-glass, while a moon roof (smoked or not) was glass. Moon Roof was a marketing term for Ford’s glass panel roof. Nowadays, the terms are interchangeable, though some of us anal retentive types still reserve “sun roof” for metal panels.

OK, thanks guys.

its a marketing thing

They BOTH leak equally well…mildew makers…

Each is for those who can’t/won’t accept the challenges of owning a real convertible.

I have always understood shadowfax’s description to be correct.

Yah, once upon a time in an automotive land far far away ther was a name change when the second one was conceived and they wanted to differentiate.
– but now–
solid panel
sliding inner panel to expose glass.
Sliding glass panel.
Hinged glass panel
both sliding and hinged ?
what in the world to name which ?

Guess it all depends on the time on the clock when you look out through it :wink:

“They BOTH leak equally well…mildew makers…”

… and both reduce headroom.

… two great reasons I will never own a car with a moon roof or a sun roof.

I have owned many sunroofs, moonroofs ( whatever you want to call them ) and never had one leak or break. Factory roofs all have a gutter system in them with four drains one at each corner. Keep the drains clean ( look at them once a year ) always keep them closed when your not in the car, and you will always love your sun-moonroof. I personally would not buy a car without one. :slight_smile:

& I wouldn’t buy a vehicle with one.
Even went so far as to special order the truck the way I wanted it and wait…
rather than buy the one on the lot with the silly sun roof.

If I was shorter, and didn’t bump my head on the sunroof every time I drive a car with one, I might feel differently.

In my younger days, I didn’t mind it so much because I used to drive in a reclined position. These days, with an older body, I have to sit upright, and there’s no room for a sunroof.

@kinsha - I imagine most people don’t have problems with their sunroofs, but a fair number do. Search on ‘sunroof drain’, you’ll see lots of folks with that problem. Like Whitey I don’t fit in any car with a sunroof, so it’s off my list. This eliminates lots of interesting cars.

Those that love 'em, love 'em, those that don’t, don’t.

@Whitey: Look for a bigger car to allow more headroom

I didn’t really want a sunroof when I bought my new car, but it came standard with it. The only time I use it is when I use my key fob(unlock button twice and hold) to roll the windows down and the roof opens up as well. This does allow heat to escape a little quicker on those sunny summer days.

@bscar - you’d think bigger cars would have more headroom, but it’s often not true. Some compacts have more than some full sized cars. For example, the Tahoe/Suburban doesn’t have enough headroom with a sunroof.