Windows won't work

I am looking to buy a BMW 328i 2007. The only problem (other than hail damage which is fine by me), is that the only window that works is the right front. What might be the cause of the other 3 windows not working? Are windows an easy and/or inexpensive fix? Or approximately how much would you say it’ll cost to get it fixed?

Nothing on an BMW is cheap to fix , period . How much depends on your location , what shop does the work and the parts needed to repair the problem . That means it is almost impossible to make a cost guess.
Who ever has this BMW tell them to fix the windows and then call you with the new price . Also I suspect this this has a Salvage title so insurance might be a problem.


If easy or inexpensive to fix, the seller would have already had them repaired.

Additionally, the OP should be aware that Consumer Reports rated the 3-series as “worse than average” in reliability when these cars were 2-3 years old. They surely didn’t become more reliable after the passage of about a decade.


In response to your question, it’s probable that there are broken wires in the cable that runs from the car body alongside the hinge to the driver’s door. It’s an old story that the cable bends every time someone moves that door and it will finally break inside. You can’t see it but it happens. It’s a pretty big labor job and parts are expensive, too. A shop or dealer will charge you lots and lots of money.

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All the power windows are controlled by the General Control Module.

Or otherwise called the Body Control Module.


If there is a main switch in the drivers door that controls all the windows…then i would be looking at that. Any screwups inside that main assy switch usually affects all the other windows.

Some BMW’s however have their window switches down in the center console…so not sure which setup you have.

This person just made another thread and this is to be their first vehicle and used .
al947394 - It should be good advice for this person to avoid any used European type luxury vehicle .

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If the OP doesn’t want to have to spend a lot for repairs, he would be much better-off looking for a used vehicle from a Japanese, or Korean, or American manufacturer.

There are several possible failure points, but the most common reason for a window to fail on a BMW is the window regulator. If you go to a website that sells parts, you will find that at least a half dozen different manufacturers sell these regulators because they fail and must be replaced frequently. They cost from $75 to $200 each, depending upon what brand you buy. Every brand claims that theirs are an improved design that will last forever. They lie.

Replacing window regulators is a do-it-yourself project, which is not to say that it is quick and easy. It is a bit of a pain. The critical part is dealing with the air bag in the door panel. That thing can hurt you if proper safety procedures are not followed. Also be careful not to tear the vapor barrier or you can end up with a leak.

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