Electric window won't stay up

My 2015 Corolla with 23000 miles on it drivers side window doesn’t want to stay closed. When I hold down the button it goes up and when it hits the top it immediately goes down.

The only way I can get it to close is to tap the button in quick bursts until it reaches the top without hitting the sill.

It goes down even when you’re holding the up switch?

Try this. Hold the down button until 5 seconds after the window is all the way down. Then hold the up button until 5 seconds after the window is all the way up. Push the auto-down button (second click). When the window goes all the way down, push and hold the down button for 5 seconds.

That should reset the anti-pinch feature which is probably what’s making it go back down.


A little vaseline inside the window channel worked for me.If that doesn’t do it,shadowfax has the answer

Does it use power to reopen, or does it sort of fall when it reaches the top?

If it’s the former, go with the answers you’ve already been given. If it’s the latter, you most likely need a new window regulator. That’s the metal mechanism that moves the window up and down when the motor activates, and it might have a broken gear.

Thanks, that did it!


I meant the resetting advice did it.


Thanks for the update. We always like to hear when things worked out.