2001 Toyota Camry Power Window

The window seems to go up & down fine at first, but then it seems to get tired and winds down. It will work fine again after letting rest a minute or two. Its been doing this for about a year. What do I need to replace? Thanks!!!

Do you mean if you run it up and down repeatedly it becomes tired? Why would you do that? What exactly do you mean “tired”? (slow?)

Guessing, I would suggest that they may need a little lube to allow the windows to move more easily. It is also possible that the track may need adjustment.

For example, when you go through the drive-thru you put the window down, you order your food then you put it up,you put it back down to pay,then you put it back up.Well it acts like it runs out of batteries. When it works, it works fine,No binding/it’s not slower…

The switch contacts may be causing a voltage drop across them due to dirty contacts. Check to see if that is the case using a voltmeter. The problem may also be in the relay.