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Plugged windshield washer jet

Do you think it would be OK to use a straight pin to try to open a plugged windshield washer jet? (98 Chevy Tahoe)

That’s usually what’s tried first.


I like a partially unbent paper clip, so I can have a “handle” and the “tool” is easier to use than a straight pin.

Just be careful and don’t mess up the plastic nozzle, or the spray pattern will be off.

sure, but make sureyou don’t enlarge the holes or move the nozzles outof position

I use a small needle since they are usually stronger than straight pins.

One wire pulled out of a wire brush works good…

Disconnect the washer hose first before attempting that OR remove the nozzle from the system.
You don’t want to shove the dirt back into the hose only to have the same thing happen all over again.

Are these windshield wiper mounted like the ones on my '02?
If the wire trick doesn’t work, there are hundreds of auto recycle yards with those nozzles.

just a thought: most cars have a paragraph in the owners manual that tells about re aiming and clearing nozzles. sometimes it is using a hat pin (larger than a regular pin) sometimes it is using a piece of wire.
look under the hood. is it possible to unplug the hose to back flush the nozzle to get the crud out of the system? make sure you only put in clean washer fluid. and keep the cap on.

Ouch washer fluid in my eyes, is that bad? YES (reference to previous post by someone about wearing safety glasses)

A funny. I went back and it worked fine. We had a deluge of rain recently, then it turned very cold. I think that a layer of water ice formed on the outside, plugging it, then it melted off today when it went above 32 degrees.

The best thing I’ve discovered to poke out tiny little holes is a very fine guitar string. You can get a scrap at a music shop. They are longer, and flexible so they don’t bend or snap off.