Window spray overshoots my windshield

I know this is a minor issue, but for whatever reason my passanger side sprayer over shoots my windshield and basically flys over the roof of my van. The driver side hits perfectly and allows my windshield on that part to stay clean. Does anyone have some suggestions on ways I can get the spray level to get lower and actually hit my windshield? It sprays great, just to high.

I’ve seen two different things that cause this problem. One…the spray nozzle is bent or two…the spray jets are partially clogged. Take a real close look at the spray nozzle and the problem should be readily apparent.

Often you can simply insert the needle/pin tip from a safety pin in the nozzle, and redirect it back to the windshield.

Joe’s technique is the tried and true one.

But there is an advantage to spraying a little fluid over the top of you van, dare I bring it up. My policy on tailgaters is to just ignore them, never make the situation more dangerous by doing a “brake check” or any other stupid thing, but should you find the need to clean your windshield at that moment in time…