Window Tinting

I recently shopped for a new GMC Crew Cab pickup truck. In discussion with the dealer regarding break down of total price I was quoted a price of “$179.50 for window tint”. I responded , “forget the window tint, GM has already tinted these windows”. Dealers response, “true GM tints the windows but only in the back they do not tint the fronts which is what we do”. These quotes are all in writing. Was my local Mesa Arizona GMC dealer being real honest with me?

Tell him that you are neither a pimp nor a drug dealer, and as a result, you do not want the front windows tinted.

I believe that what the dealer says is true. Some states, such as California, prohibit the use of tint on front side windows or windshields. Arizona allows it on front side windows.

The problem is that even good dealer applied tint will not perfectly match, nor will it hold up as well as factory tint. It just depends on how much you want tint on the front side windows.

Forget the tint. Most states it’s against the law to tint the front windows beyond FACTORY tint. This is just a dealer added profit item.

I think Manolito got it right. NH prohibits tint (beyond a certain point of transmission reduction) on the front side windows also. It’s a safety issue for the police, as they need to be able to see what the driver is doing as they approach the car. GM doesn’t factory tint the side front windows in order to leave the vehicle 50-state legal.

I’d have to say that in Arizona I’d want tint, even though in NH it serves no purpose beyond privacy. That Arizona sun beating through a clear window can really create a hot interior. I’d pay the $179 for it or price it from the local PPG glass place. Having it applied aftermarket should in no way affect your warranty.

I believe that the windows ARE pre-tinted, but a very minimal amount. The test? Park the rig in the sun, lower the window an inch, and look up at the sky. This will give you a clear, side-by-side comparison of the sky and the view through the window. I have not seen many new cars that are completely without tint.

Window tinting for front windows in Pennsylvania is also illegal . . . to a point. The State Police have a method for determining how dark is too dark. Some tinting is OK, but if yo can’t see the driver, no good. Rocketman