Looking to Tint my Windows

Hey guys, im looking to tint my windows on my dodge neon. Ive heard of people saving tons of money and doing it themselves and nightmare stories of people who cant do it. Ive narrowed it down to about two tutorials… anyone had any good expierence with one or any?

My two best I found



Please keep in mind that dark tinting of the driver and passenger side window is illegal in most jurisdictions.

yeah im aware. Im really not too worried about it being illegal. I figure a tint ticket costs around a hundred bucks and with a ticket my insurance still doesnt go up. In my mind, its worth getting whatever tint i want.

And i’ve decided to go with the http://tint.howtocar.net/ tutorial… now the question is, what percent tint go go with. Docnick does have a good point bout legalities but whats a good percent that pushes the law a bit but yet i can still have nicely tinted windows? Anyone

Contact your state police to find out what is legal. No one here knows where you live so we can’t help you at all.

And they won’t just fine you, they will make you take it off. We have friends that bought a car in Texas and moved to Maryland. The state made them meet the law before they would license it. In your case, the police will require proof of compliance. If you don’t provide proof, they just might pull your registration.

No, they aren’t fooling. Do yourself a favor and find out what is legal and follow the rules. They will catch up with you and you will do what they tell you to. If you do it now, it just costs less.

If your state mandates vehicle inspection, part of that inspection probably includes a check of both the degree of tinting and whether the driver’s and passenger’s side windows have been tinted. If you are in violation, you will not pass the state inspection. No valid inspection sticker and…voila…no valid registration. Drive a car without a valid registration…and significant legal repercussions will take place.

Despite your attitude that getting a ticket is not significant, these regulations exist for good reasons–in this case, both allowing the driver to see properly at night, and allowing law enforcement personnel to look inside your car, for their own safety.

It might seem like a good idea to court the “gansta’ look” with heavily tinted windows, but you have to be prepared for all of the consequences–both the legal implications and the increased probability of getting into an accident at night because your vision was impeded. And, if the latter situation takes place, you will have MAJOR liability for an accident if your windows are illegally tinted.

No matter what you do, it’s hard, nigh impossible to look cool in a Neon

You spent all this time deliberating one of these methods but failed to look at the 6th link down on their page? TINT LAWS. Sheesh.

Spoken like someone who doesn’t have bills to pay.

Not if you’re a Czechoslovakian playboy!

That’s true. I understand that those Wild and Crazy Guys loved Dodge Neons!

I recently drove a vehicle with tinted rear windows. I found my visibility quite diminished. Don’t recommend it unless you have excellent night vision!

tinting windows… ok, let’s break this down:

  1. You want the Neon Groupies to know you are a real playa ?

  2. You do not want any pretty girls to see you drive a Neon ?

  3. You wish to be sure that stop light camera or photo radar can’t get your picture?

  4. 1 & 2

  5. 2 & 3

  6. 1 & 5


all in good fun.