Window Tinting - Why?

What are your thoughts on window tint? I live in a state where 28% + light is the requirement. Is there a benefit, or is tint primarily for aesthetics?

Well, a simple web search would have let you find out that window tinting can reduce the amount of Ultra Violet rays that fade fabric . Also it does provide a way to reduce the interior heat in a vehicle.
Yes it can be cosmetic so it just goes to you want to spend your money for it.

It is definitely beneficial in Florida, I find the interior much more comfortable with window tint. Having said that, if planning to keep a car much more than 4 or 5 years be aware the film can scratch on windows that are frequently rolled up and down and can bubble around the heating filament on the rear window defogger.


It keeps your car cooler under a hot sun.

I personally don’t like having reduced visibility at night, so I don’t consider it worth the trade off.


Thank you for your input! I appreciate the replies.

That seems to apply to a non-factory aftermarket tint. If it came from the factory with tinted windows, I’ve never seen those break down that way.

In other words, if this is an add-on being installed at the dealership, and not the factory, I’d take a pass. You can get it done for less at a business that specializes in tinting windows with the same quality. Just make sure you get a legal tint.


I’m sure the OP is referring to aftermarket tinting. I have yet to see any factory tint that even approaches Florida limits.


…and this does not make for a good DIY job unless you’re tinting truck or van windows that don’t roll down and don’t have a defroster.

Coincidentally, my father tinted the rear windows on my grandmother’s van. After someone broke in through one of them, the tint peeled off, and the upholstery inside that window faded from exposure, but just in that one spot. It really demonstrated the UV protection.

I read somewhere that 70% is generally the manufacturer (OEM) tint. This question started because I test drove a white vehicle this week. The salesperson suggested tint for the car. The dealer doesn’t do it, so it isn’t an add on for profit. I assumed for aesthetics. But the car glass is already tinted - seemingly fine to me. Just curious because of that experience. Thanks!

Ours has heavy tint on the rear side windows and the tail gate window but standard on the front side windows. So the driver can be see and be seen but passengers are more comfortable. I don’t know what the standards are but some folks like to add tint to mask them from being seen.

If you live in Montana window tint may be for aesthetics.

Vehicle interiors get very hot where I live, up to 150 F in the afternoon. More than 95% of the passenger cars here have window tint film applied to them. Without window tint it is difficult to reach a level of comfort with the A/C system in the desert heat.

That is typical for factory tint on SUVs and vans, I believe that the factory tint limits are different for the “cargo” area on those vehicles.

Well I think all but the windshield is tinted in my trailblazer, not sure as it it is up at the cabins, looked pretty rad on dog the bounty hunter.

How did your vehicle get on that show? Are you a fugitive on the lam?

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No it was just a popular car at the time that dog rode in while others drove as he had lost his license.

I just had my side windows tinted 2 days ago. There’s some odd stuff and rules. My windows were factory tinted. Ceramic tint film, bringing it down to the max legal limit (35% light penetration) blocks 92% of UV… but the tint is hardly noticeable. The manager of the business has “limo” window tint in back. That is also legal (10%?) because it a SUV.

It’s a good thing this stuff is guaranteed. It can cost $650 at some places (all windows). Even $300 seemed expensive… would have been $200 with standard film. It’s a high profit operation, unless you install in California.

Wow, that is high! Around me in Florida, the going rate is $250 for 5 windows on a sedan. All but the windshield. Warrantied for life by the manufacturer. I paid $100 to replace the tint on the rear window because of bubbling. That was to remove the old stuff, with the defroster grid, and apply new.

Not sure I understand the “high profit operation unless you install in California” Are the prices you quoted Cali prices?

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We have friends that moved to Texas for a few years. The wife took her Saturn. Once they arrived and felt how hot the cabin became in the Sun, they had the windows deeply tinted. Apparently that is SOP in Texas, at least around Houston. Before they moved back, they sold the car because Maryland would not register it with tint that deep.

Here in Southern CA it is almost a must. As soon as I am sure I am going to hold on to a car, I take it in for a tint. I am a DIY guy but this is one thing I don’t touch. Average for a sedan is $200-250 at a place that gives you a lifetime warranty. Last car had the tint on for 10 yrs without an issue when I sold it. I just skip the front windshield. Do the passenger and driver windows a little lighter to reduce the chance of a ticket.

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got a white car from arizona. dark tint. drove it for 1 yr till i got pulled over. at 6am. it was dark. how can cop check my tint in the dark? i removed it as i did not like it.
if you cant see drivers face from side window, i say its too dark.