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Window Scratches

Own a 2005 Dodge Ram & the passenger & drivers side windows are scratched to where we can barely see out of them. Am thinking of replacing them but before I do I need to find out what causes this & how to prevent it from happening. The other truck that I owned did the same thing.

thanks for any help you can give,


The weather strips trap dust which acts as sand paper when rolling up & down.
I’ve had customers report having good results, on glass, with the polishing kits sold for plastic windshields & headlamps.

If possible, try to work your windows less often. ( Those same customers, as soon as they start up the truck, down goes the window. Halfway down the block it gets a bit windy, up goes the window. Next stop light, down goes the …you get the idea.)
Try to assess your actual need to work the window thereby lessening the sand paper affect.

Keeping the truck clean helps a lot too. Many truck owners use their trucks on dirt roads and even off-roading routinely, working the windows while the truck is covered in dirt and even mud. While doing this is for may people a normal part of the fun of truck ownership, it can cause scratched windows.

Years ago I was heating with wood cut from the stump from a development next to my house (with the owner’s permission). I’d back my Toyota pickup into the woods, load it up to the stops, and then drag it home on the sandy dirt construction roads. It caused some related problems.