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2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 wiper scratches

Does anyone else have excessive wiper scratches in their windshield? Only 13,000 miles on the 2017 Silverado.

Are your wipers worn down? I’m not sure if this is covered under your warranty, but you could certainly take it to the dealership and check!

No. I think that the problem is with the windshield itself (ie. Soft or inferior glass quality).

Put your VIN in here and you can see if there are any recalls:

If you really think there’s an issue with the glass itself, you’ll need to take it in so they can look at it. Keep the instructions in your manual handy to escalate the issue if you need to

I have already contacted the dealer and GM customer support and they are making excuses and telling me that it’s my fault for running the wipers dry. Problem is, when you press the washer button the wipers swipe the windshield 1-2 times BEFORE the washer squirts the windshield. They are aware of this and still refuse to do anything about it. Funny I didn’t have this scratching problem on my 1999 Silverado. My advice is never by a GM product. I sure as hell will never buy another one!!!

I wonder if going to an auto glass shop and getting an opinion from them would help you…Yeah I had a car once (forget which one) that fired the wipers before the fluid…just the sound they made drives me nuts…

Sand accumulates on my wipers on windy days, I live in the southwest. The wipers and windshield must be cleaned on occasion, sand is not good for a windshield.