2015 Toyota Corolla glittery windshield

My windshield was just replaced on March 26, 2018 (to be exact) due to those pesky glittery specks all over the it. Specks bothered me a lot when driving because it glitters especially when sun was directly pointing at me (btw, I live in Arizona). I was told by Safelite, who replaced it, specks was tiny cracks from sand/dust in AZ. I use the car mainly from home to work. Work is only 1.5 miles away and I don’t use the freeway. So here’s the problem, I start noticing the glittery specks are staring to appear again. Are they putting those cheap a*# windshield now. What is going on? I need your expertise to resolve this issue or at least give me some light to it. I take it back, I don’t need some light got enough here :joy:, I just need resolution.

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The glass may not be the same grade as original but likely it cost you less because of that. There do seem to be harder and softer glass from different car makers and, as such, different glass suppliers. I don’t think you have a complaint with the glass installer.

I am annoyed by the glittering of the windshield as well and had a 7 year old windshield replaced for the exact same reason. I’d guess you are VERY sensitive to the issue.

You live in AZ, the wind blows, the car drives and sand is the same stuff that glass is made from, soooo… there isn’t much you can do except replace the glass every few years. Sorry

Have you ever seen tear-offs like they have for the NASCAR vehicles that are commercially sold? Or like cell phone screen protectors?

I don’t know anything about windshields - are they made of two or more layers, with the glass being the major component but with a thin layer(s) of coating or polymeric material? I’m wondering if the sand is scratching the glass or is scratching or imbedding in the thin layer. If the sand causing the distortion is imbedded in a layer, can it be “scrubbed” out? I saw a windshield cleaning video in which the demonstrator used something called a “clay bar” in one stage of his cleaning process. The clay bar was used as a sort of abrasive to remove dirt particles that could not be removed by cleaning with windshield cleaner and cloth rags, paper towels, or microfiber cloth. I couldn’t find the clay bar at my parts store, and, frankly, it looked like a lot more work than I was willing to do.

I partially agree with Mustangman on this

There was a period of time when my windshield took a daily beating, because the dump trucks driving on the freeway were not yet required to tarp their loads

And there wasn’t a darn thing I could do about it, because there really was no alternative route to work

It sounds like you’re in a bad spot, with no recourse except new windshields every few years

The part I’m not sure I agree about is the suggestion that the replacement windshield may be inferior, and not as robust, versus the sand and debris. I’ve had quite a few replacement windshields over the years, various brands, all aftermarket. And they’ve not been worse than the factory glass

It takes a few years in Minnesota but eventually the windshields get sand blasted making it hard to see in the glare of the sun. Then it’s just replacement time. My insurance company has never balked at replacing a sand blasted windshield for safety reasons. I suspect yours may have been a softer glass.

Years ago I was on summer vacation in southern Utah, northern Arizona, and decided to drive my truck on a little loop, from Bluff to Tuba City and back to Page. Somewhere around Tuba city I got caught in a huge sandstorm. It completely sand blasted the windshield in about 4 hours time, and had to be replaced as soon as I returned to Colorado. I showed the damage to my insurance company, and they paid the bill. My solution was just to avoid Tuba City from then on … lol …

One thing that helps me a lot is to eliminate reflections onto the glass from the top of the dashboard. I have used black rubbery shelf lining material and even a plain black cotton T-shirt up there.