04 X Type Jag: Windshield scratched by wipers

The Discussion Title says it all. We replaced the original windshield because it became opaque in the sun. Second windshield is on the way to the same end. What is going on? I am 68 years old and have had a lot of cars and never experienced this.


Have you moved recently? Are you now living near a beach or sandy area or drive to one regularly? My “beach” car has this problem. Sand is nasty and persistant abrasive and fine beach sand will latch on to your wipers and create a “sandpaper” effect on your windshields. I try to wash off my windshields and wipers after a trip to the beach but I’m kind of resigned to having “scoured” windshields and fine beach sand is nearly impossible to get off your car as it gets into everything.

I disagree. It wasn’t the wipers themselves that scratched the windshield, but some abrasive substance on the wipers and/or the windshield. Rubber (or whatever wiper blades are made of) is not hard enough to scratch glass.

Sand, dirt, industrial fallout, stone dust, and a few other things, however, are hard enough to scratch glass. What’s on your windshield, and have you ever changed the wiper blades?