Pollen scratches windows? belt molding bad luck?

Ford Escape Hybrid 2007

Problem: Driver?s side window is being scratched by something along the full width of the window when opening and closing. Some places are scratched more deeply. Passenger side window is also scratched although less deeply. I counted apx. 15 scratches on the driver?s side spaced all along the window, about 6 on the passenger side. There?s even a couple on one of the rear doors.

Diagnosis by Ford Dealership: Many little sharp particles have gotten between the belt molding and the windows and are scraping the windows. ?One should clean his belt molding regularly. Even pollen can get in there and do that,? he told me. It?s a maintenance issue so the warranty won?t cover it.

Question: Is there a part in the car door that, if installed incorrectly, could cause this problem? If the problem is dirt and pollen then why can’t it be cleaned? Why replace it at $177 per window, NOT including the glass. We can’t see the cause of the problem so he speculates it’s many little sharp particles that somehow found their way deep inside my door and can’t be cleaned.

Does this sound like a credible explanation to anyone? If so, does it seem like a reasonable solution?

Advice: watch out for pollen.

My Subaru has scratches on two of its windows from the same thing. They were there when I bought the car. I don’t think there is much you can do to prevent this except clean the window and everything else you can reach before you operate the window. This is not very practical.

There is grit in our environment, and some of it is strong enough to scratch glass. I’ve seen windshields scratched by grit on wiper blades, too.

Your point is well taken. I’m concerned not about a scratch here and there. I’m concerned that there are so many all across the window, almost spaced out evenly, that makes me wonder if something could have been installed incorrectly. It seems highly unlikely that so many bits of grit would have gotten in and spaced themselves all along the window.
If it scratched and was done with I could ignore it. But the scratches have gotten deeper and I can’t use the windows until it’s resolved. Thanks again. r

If the scratches are perfectly spaced across the window it sounds like an actual manufacture defect. Escalate the issue at the dealership. Everyone has a boss so keep climbing the ladder until somebody agrees to fix the problem and replace the window.