Window regulator in 99 Civic

Five years ago, my window got stuck in the down position, and the mechanic replaced both the regulator and motor. Now the window regulator seems to be going again–I can hear the window vibrate inside the frame, and sometimes the window comes up out of alignment (outside the weather stripping). Does anybody know if a) the regulator can be repaired rather than replaced and b) whether this is something that I can do myself without spending all day on it (given that it’s 26 degrees out right now here)? It cost me about 300+ last time and I’d obviously like to avoid a repeat if possible–aftermarket regulators are about $100.


Once the inner door panel is removed it’ll expose all the hardware for the regulator/motor, the glass mounting rail to the regulator, and the window tracks.

From what you describe, it sounds like either the regulator/motor has become loose from the door or the glass mounting rail has become loose from the regulator or both.


thanks! I thought it might be something like that; it goes up and down just fine, just out of alignment, so hopefully it’s easy to fix.


One test I’ve read about is to turn your headlights on and shine them on something you can see, or have someone look at the lights while you press the window buttons. If the lights dim, then it’s the motor, if not, it’s something else I can’t remember right off hand.
I also have a 99 Civic. I tried taking my door panel off and was leery when I noticed the paper lining and some other stuff in the way when my motors went out. I just paid someone else to fix it and was done with it.