Window regulator



I need a detailed account of replacing a window regulator on a 92 crown victoria, passenger rear door.


Here are the instructions with an attached picture. Hope it helps.

1992?98 Vehicles
Remove the door trim panel and watershield.
Remove the door glass.
Detach the power window motor wiring connector.
Remove the two 1?4 in. rivets attaching the lower bracket of the regulator to the inner panel. Use a drift punch to knock out the center pins, then drill out the remainder of the rivet with a 1?4 in. diameter drill. Be careful not to enlarge the sheet metal holes in the door inner panel.
Remove the 3 motor retaining screws from inside the door to remove the motor from the bracket assembly.
Remove the 2 upper regulator retaining nuts and remove the regulator from the door.
To install:

Apply an even coating of multi-purpose grease to the window regulator rollers, shafts and the entire length of the roller guides.
Install the regulator into the access hole in the inner panel.
Position the regulator using the upper regulator studs and tabs on the motor mounting bracket.
Install the rivets attaching the regulator to the door inner panel. Two 1?4 in.-20 x 1?2 in. screw and washer assemblies and 1?4 in.-20 nut and washer assemblies can also be used.
Install the 2 upper regulator retaining nuts. Install the motor, being careful not to overtighten the screws.
Install and adjust the door glass.
Install the watershield and door trim panel.